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What is storage space quota?

Each user has 2GB container space for data storage. For users that own Moxy screens, the following policy applies.

What is the limit for desktop sharing?

For free version, you can share the desktops with up to 3 users.

What should I do if MoxyViewer fails to connect to Moxy screens?

Run the MoxyViewer app on the desktop, publish the desktop to the Moxy screen with screen ID and Key.

Why is a Moxy screen disconnected?

Possible reasons can include:

  • No power to the moxy screen unit (Check the power source, e.g powered off screen
  • No internet connection
  • Moxy screen unit is broken

How can I sign in if I forgot my password?

You can sign in with your mobile phone. Enter your registered email address, and Moxy sends you an access code.

Can I reboot the Moxy screen?

Yes. Go to My Screens -> Publish Single Screen, a power button is available after you select Zoom In.

Can I change the Moxy screen orientation from landscape to portrait (vertical)?

Yes. Go to My Screens -> Publish Single Screen, an orientation button is available after you select Zoom In.

Can I share my Labcast calendar with the other users?

No. Other users can go to ACLS to create their own Labcast calendars.

How can I install MoxyViewer to my Windows desktop?

First, download MoxyViewer app from Moxy site. For 32 bit Windows OS, download the 32 bit app. For 64 bit Windows OS, download either 32 bit or 64 bit MoxyViewer app.

There are two operation modes for MoxyViewer: service mode and application mode. You can do hot switching between two modes. By default, MoxyViewer app runs as service mode. The major difference between service mode and application mode is that:
  • For application mode, you must login to Windows account to execute the MoxyViewer app to start MoxyViewer.
  • For service mode, MoxyViewer starts by itself after rebooting desktops. No further actions are required.