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Moxy is a service that is comprised of MoxyCast and MoxyViewer. It allows users to quickly, easily and securely broadcast digital media, live dashboard data and computer desktops, to any screen in the world.


MoxyCast involves 2 steps to publish any digital media and live stream data to a screen, for individual presentation and concurrent presentation.


MoxyViewer is an application to connect a live computer desktop to either physical or virtual screens. It offers an alternative to the TeamViewer solution for remote access to computer desktops. Furthermore, it offers the unique desktop sharing mechanism.

Features Description
Intuitive remote control Use the mouse and keyboard (or touchscreen) in front of you as though you work locally on the remote computer.
Desktop ownership Block chain technology driven ownership entitlement and share, no id and pass for desktop connection.
Share desktops Simply invite users to share, and revoke the share anytime by the owner, no id and password hassles
Install app on host computers? Yes
Install app on client computers? Not required at all. Login to Moxy site to access desktop using internet browsers, supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera
Security High for research equipment, https connection, encrypted ownership entitlement. Sending connection email message for each connection to the equipment owners.
Access my office computers and servers without going through VPN Yes, https connection only
Cloud connectivity Yes, automatically brokers cloud connections with desktops wherever they are.

People Benefits
Remote officers Access your officer computers remotely, and be productive wherever you are.
Research teams Share, collaborate, train and support each other more efficiently.
IT administrators Support distributed research equipment, improving first call resolution, reducing callouts and increasing uptime.
Vendors and suppliers Enable vendor and suppliers to support lab operation securely and efficiently