Remote Support

Whether you are an IT specialist supporting hundreds of employees, or a field technician troubleshooting equipment failure for a customer remotely, MoxyViewer provides remote access across tens or even hundreds of facilities that can be managed with an unprecedented level of ease.

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Key features for providers of technical support

Enabled by MoxyViewers blockchain “Connector” technology:

1. Tens or even hundreds of facilities can be easily managed with their access organised in groups and desktop icons displaying real-time contents of screens.

2. Access to a desktop can be shared with other specialist technicians anywhere in the world to help solve the hardest of problems at the click of a mouse.

It is web-based making it easy to access and share from any devices using the browser only.

No need to install software on the client (accessing) computer – the only setup that is required is on the facility you manage.

Security features include, https connection, encrypted ownership entitlement and instant notification of a new connection via email message for each connection.