MoxyViewer is connecting students and teachers around the world

MoxyViewer is both a remote desktop and desktop broadcasting tool. It can mirror (or control, in the case of working/schooling from home) a teacher’s desktop casting to any number of student computers.

Born at UNSW Sydney, MoxyViewer is being widely used as a teaching tool for coursework and research students. It has been designed to allow for easy roll-out by IT or coursework administrators.

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Key features of MoxyViewer for education

For teaching, working with MoxyTouch virtual links, any teaching desktops can be broadcast to all students simultaneously, on any device students are using.

It is web-based making it easy to access from any devices using a web-browser only.

Students don’t need to install any software – all set up can be done by an IT team, teacher or school staff.

It has a control panel that can readily control of who is accessing / viewing what desktop, which can be changed in real time.

Security features include end-to-end encryption. As it is cloud based it can be set up behind a private cloud for institutional installations.