Is MoxyViewer Secure?

MoxyViewer and the entire UniLab suite of tools has been built with educational, financial and professional institutions in mind. Many Australian Universities trust UniLab to manage critical data around their operations and research performed in collaboration with some of the top research laboratories in the world. On a daily basis, MoxyViewer is trusted by the laboratory staff and tool vendor field service engineers who rely on it for the operation of multi-million dollar facilities and critical equipment. Lab technicians and scientists trust it to manage the terabytes of data generated per day on these critical pieces of equipment.

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Cyber security

MoxyViewer has been designed to the highest industry standards for secure remote desktop access. Institutional data breaches regularly make national news headlines and can compromise the personal data of thousands or even millions of people. This is of particular concern in a time where cloud-based services are becoming more widespread and users have little control over where their data is communicated or stored.

MoxyViewer is committed to providing secure remote access for better monitoring and visibility of critical equipment globally. MoxyViewer will not compromise critical equipment processing power as it has a very small footprint.

For users:

Desktop "owner" has encrypted ownership entitlement.

Data communication is encrypted by https connection.

Email notification is provided to the “owner” for each and every connection to the desktop.

Access is managed by a control panel, which can allow many users to either control or only view a desktop, and can be revoked at any time.

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For institutional installations:

All Moxy and UniLab suite of facilities can be set up on a private cloud behind an institutions firewall.

It conducts regular assessments using the Cyber Security Evaluation Tool provided by the US National Cyber Security Division of the DHS (Department of Homeland Security).

UniLab’s customer service team can customise installations including private cloud setup to the specific needs of an institution.

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