MoxyViewer is here to put you in control of solving these issues, no more calling a tech team up if a computer crashes, no need to be onsite and no need to take your computer offsite to be fixed either. Allowing medical researchers and doctors to get on with the job of saving lives

MoxyViewer is both a remote desktop and desktop broadcasting tool. It can mirror or control your work, home and laboratory equipment.

Born at UNSW Sydney, MoxyViewer is being widely used as a laboratory tool for researchers, professors and students. It has been designed for ease of use to maximize efficiencies of the user.

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Key features of MoxyViewer for medical application

It is web based making it easy to access and share from any devices using the browser only.

Colleagues don’t need to install any software – all set up can be done by an IT team, Doctor or support staff.

It has a control panel that can readily control of who is accessing / viewing what desktop, which can be changed in real time.

Security features include end-to-end encryption. As it is cloud based, for institutional installations, it can be set up behind a private cloud.