How MoxyViewer is helping Small and Medium Business reach their potential

MoxyViewer provides secure remote desktop access that is scalable and can help grow with your business.

MoxyViewer will put you in the driver's seat of controlling your businesses IT issues, no more calling out a tech team if a computer crashes, no need to be onsite and no need to take your computer offsite to be fixed. MoxyViewer will reduce costs and save time allowing SME to run its IT systems like a large corporation.

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Is VPN the ideal set-up for remote working?

When connecting overseas staff is a real pain

MoxyViewer SME Solutions

Allows you to remotely assist employees and business partners with their tech issues from home.

Saves downtime. No in-person call-outs or travel time to resolve an IT issue.

Improves the connectivity of your business.

Improve issue resolution times.