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MoxyViewer is trusted and used by the scientific community to access highly critical information and equipment remotely. Recent collaborative projects using MoxyViewer include research by Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre to support COVID-19 Rapid Response Research initiative at UNSW Sydney.

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When connecting overseas staff is a real pain

There have been many scientific benefits to using MoxyViewer including safe remote-access and reduction in PPE requirements. Moxy software doesn’t compromise equipment processing power as it has a small footprint and is highly secure for accessing critical equipment.

Critical equipment access in these challenging times is paramount to produce research beneficial to the scientific community. MoxyViewer has been crucial in enabling remote and safe facility usage from home. It also enables remote training of operators increasing their capabilities to run these instruments in the future. MoxyViewer allows the scientific community to troubleshoot software issues that would otherwise be difficult to explain and can transfer critical files on a daily basis. MoxyViewer is cost effective and easy to use.