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Widget Container

The Widget Container is different from the other containers, as it features several out-of-the-box interactive widgets that you can display on your cast. There are a variety of helpful widgets that can be used if you require certain interactive features. Additionally, it has the ability to display websites of your choosing.

Alert Widget


The alert widget is an interactive widget that notifies the appropriate personnel when assistance or action is needed.

Example: A button labeled “Projector Down” that you press to notify the IT department that a projector is not working and needs repairs.

When adding a new Alert Widget, you will need to provide contact details. This will be where the alerts are sent to.

After creating the widget, selecting ‘Add alert tiles’ on the new widget will allow you to define the different alerts that a visitor can pick from.

Happy Face Widget


The Happy Face Widget is used to gather visitor feedback on your faculty. A visitor can select a rating to give to your faculty, and one or more reasons why they chose that rating.

Example: The ‘Awesome’ button expands to show a list of reasons why the faculty is awesome, and the user can tick one or more reasons to send as feedback. This example will look like this:

When you add a Happy Face Widget, the location you provide is used to identify what area the feedback is meant for.

After creation, editing the specific ‘Face’ will let you add reasons that a visitor can pick from.

You can view gathered data at the “Happy Face Collections” page, accessible from the container page. The widget records each location’s selected faces, reasons, and timestamp.

The data can be exported as a CSV, Excel or PDF. Copy and print functions are also provided.

Widget


The Sign-In widget is used to keep track of visitors to your faculty. It provides check-in and check-out functionality, making it ideal as a supporting device for an area that receives many visitors. Visitor logs are recorded for future reference.

Example: A Sign-In device mounted outside an office that checks-in visitors, as well as their organization. Visitors check-out when they leave.

When adding a Sign-In location, there are several options to choose from. The Visitor Name option is always selected by default. The other options are additional fields that the visitor will have to fill in when they check-in.

After creation, you can view the chosen options and edit them. You are also given the option to reset the sign-in cache, which removes out-of-date sign-ins that should not be there.

Clicking the ‘Visitor Sign-In Logs’ button on the Sign-In Widget page will provide a log of sign-in information for each visitor that has checked-in.

Website Widget

The Website Widget allows you to display any website as a cast. Functionality is similar to other file containers, and it can be shared like other containers

  • Casted Screen Details - provides a preview of the website as a cast
  • Preview Website - provides a preview of the website
  • Edit Website - change the website display interval
  • Delete Website - removes the website from your container