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Zoom In - Presentation Screens

Screens > Publish Single Screen > Zoom In
Zoom In allows you to view and change what is being displayed on a specific screen.
Example screen (preview):

After selecting Zoom In, you will be able to view and change what is being displayed on the screen.
There are 4 main sections here:

Information Section

Contains information about this particular unit.

Control Section

Provides administrative functions, as follows:

  • Collaborate: See the Collaborate Screens section of this manual
  • Preview Screen: Previews what is being displayed on the screen from your browser.
  • Connect Desktop to Screen: Mirrors the contents of a chosen desktop onto the screen. Desktops must be under your ownership (See Desktops). Available only to screens of type "Meeting Room Screen".
  • Edit Screen Property: Edit screen name, type, location and city, and toggle date visibility.
  • Pin Screen to Google Map: See the Pin Screens To Map section of this manual.
  • Switch to Portrait/Landscape Orientation: Toggles the orientation of the screen.
  • Public Viewer URL: Generates a temporary URL that can be sent to anybody, which previews what is being displayed on the
  • screen. The link will last for up to 10 days, and can be turned off at any time.
  • Reboot Screen: Restarts the Moxy screen unit attached to the screen.

Select and Publish Section

This section lets you choose which casts/content to display on the screen.

The selection panel shows your casts, and may select any number of them to display on your screen:
  • The weather forecast
  • Labcast calendars
  • Labcast dashboards
  • Analytics
  • Image Carousel Casts
  • Files from your doc containers, and files from shared doc containers
  • Files from your image containers, and files from shared image containers
  • Files from your video containers, and files from shared video containers
  • Files from your web containers, and files from shared web containers

Every file here is treated as a cast. The screen will rotate through each cast that you have selected.
Files that you own are marked with your username in purple. Files that other users have shared with you are marked with their username in grey.
Once finished, click "Publish To Screen" to update the screen with the chosen cast selection.

Drag and Drop section

Where you choose which order the casts are shown on the screen. This section displays the casts you have chosen. This allows you to rearrange the order that the casts are being displayed in using drag and drop. Once you have determined the order you wish the casts to be displayed in, click "Publish Screen" to update the screen with the chosen order.

Example: To cast 5 documents to a screen
Screens > Publish Single Screen > Zoom In (on the desired screen)
In the ‘Select and Publish’ section, click ‘Select to Publish’
Select the 5 documents and press "Publish To Screen"
In the ‘Drag and Drop’ section, drag and drop the casts to the desired display order, and press "Publish To Screen"
The screen will now display a rotating showcase of the 5 selected documents.