Competitive Pricing

One month free trial, please contact us for further arrangement.

Live Demo with Domain

MoxyEstate provides a hight quality finished screen control unit and offers a wide selection range of templates. We are committed to build any templates free of charge for you if you could find the right one from the ready templates.

Pack A: $32/month/screen (1 screen unit)

Pack B: $28/month/screen (2-5 screen units)

Pack C: $24/month/screen (more than 6 screen units)

Notes: annual commitment only

Service pack

Options are available, use MoxyEstate hardware unit connecting the TV screen/monitor to the Moxy cloud.

Weather forecast

Automated data feed

Automated data feed

Rich property templates

Full controls over MoxyEstate screen units

Unlimited co-workers to form a work group to share the container data and the controls of MoxyEstate screen units

Publish the same contents to the unlimited MoxyEstate screen units concurrently