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We have installed MoxyTouch units in all the IFM labs to allow us to provide a quick and consistent way for users to find information specifically relevant to the lab they are in. Lab users and Lab Managers can now easily see who has booked equipment without having to login. They can make bookings and order consumables via the QR codes, send alerts to the lab manager for equipment or facility problems and view lab-specific safety information.

The browser-based content management system makes setting up and updating content easy. UniLab have been very responsive with any issues and open to suggestions for new features.

Sandy Benness

Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University

IT Manager

Dr Michael Carnell

Deputy Head of Biomedical Imaging Facility
UNSW Sydney

Having recently installed MoxyTouch across our labs it is quickly becoming apparent that running a core facility without it is to be missing a crucial aspect of providing a quality service. It is a means of providing information to your users without being overbearing as well as receiving information back when needed. A simple touch screen terminal in a room allows you to display instrument booking information, advertise upcoming workshops & events, and even update your users on the current weather situation outside of a dark windowless lab. In the other direction it also allows users to notify you of their satisfaction level simply by tapping the Happy Face Widget, inform you of incidents within the lab, and even notify you when you are short on consumables.

We have found that these small convinces are greatly appreciated by our users. Providing login credentials and navigating multiple links, simply to find out if someone is using an instrument after you, has been replaced with a glance over your shoulder at our MoxyTouch screen. Users needing assistance no longer need to feel like they are tracking someone down to force them to help, instead simply pressing a button and waiting has a feeling more akin to ringing a bell and waiting for your butler to arrive.

Katie Jean Levick

Manager of Electron Microscope Unit
UNSW Sydney

The Electron Microscope Unit at UNSW is using MoxyTouch screens for users to sign-in and out of labs and for communication with our users. We have found them straightforward to set up and run and the support has been very responsive. It’s great that the screen display content is easy to customise and use. This makes it simple to keep the information up to date and relevant.Our users have found the interface easy to navigate and understand. We have one MoxyTouch unit in a lab that is not always staffed. The Alert widget allows our users an extra way to contact staff quickly in the event of a problem and also makes it clear to other users that there has been a problem.

We are excited about all of the capabilities that this system promises and are continuing to develop its use within the EMU.

Chris Brownlee

Former Manager of Flow Cytometry Facility
UNSW Sydney

Essentially, we feel it’s a combination, and cleaner version of Chrome Cast, Team Viewer and Dropbox, the simplicity of the screensharing (MoxyViewer) option is the first feature we found useful as we can remotely log into the instruments if users have problems and we are offsite. Following on, we have found it simple to edit and powerful using your indivudal log in via moxy.unilab.com. Our users find the calendar sharing option very useful; they can see who has booked what instrument, at what time and for how long. We utilise the Alert Widget for researchers to notify staff of an instrument mal-function or problem, the Happy Face Widget for user satisfaction has been very useful as an overview of user satisfaction and service within the facility, even though we are research focused service provider we are also run a cost recovery model so user satisfaction is paramount). The Weather widget is useful as windows in the lab are non-existant and we will soon be using the Ordering Widget soon too for easy consumable replacements. Images, Docs and Video containers are a great way to showcase highlights within the facility and the ability to present any website is great for upcoming events that we publicise via Eventbrite.

Would be very useful for public exposure of a service or facility, visibility for bookings, calendars or events. The possibilities are endless.